UP Police guns down another shooter of BSP leader murder witness and Prayagraj man Umesh Pal in an encounter

After gunning down the first accused Arbaz who drove the SUV, the Special Operation Group of UP Police have gunned down Vijay alias Usman who was the first to open fire at Umesh Pal

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Shooter Usman as caught in the CCTV footage

New Delhi, March 6

The Uttar Pradesh Police in their crackdown on the killers of BSP leader murder witness and Prayagraj resident, Umesh Pal have gunned down another accused who was the firs to pull the trigger on Pal.

The police have identified the shooter as Vijay alias Usman, an aide of jailed SP leader Atiq Ahmed's son. Usman was was shot dead by a Prayagraj police team in an encounter here in the wee hours.

Umesh Pal, the key witness in the former BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case, and his police security guards Sandeep Nishad and Raghvendra Singh were shot on February 24 outside his home in the Dhoomanganj area.

While Pal died on the same day, the security personnel died later during treatment.

A couple of days later, Arbaz, who allegedly drove the SUV of the assailants, was killed in an encounter with the police in Prayagraj police, the first encounter after the gruesome murder of Pal.

Vijay Kumar alias Vijay Kumar alias Usman Chowdhary, along with several others, killed Umesh Pal, the prime witness in the 2005 BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case, over a week ago at his residence in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj. Raju Pal was murdered months after winning the Allahabad (West) assembly seat in his electoral debut by defeating Former MP Atiq Ahmed's younger brother Khalid Azim. 

Gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed, his brother and ex-MLA Ashraf are prime accused in the Raju Pal murder case. All the accused are presently lodged in jail. CCTV footage shows Umesh Pal and one of his two police bodyguards getting out of the SUV when suddenly a man came from behind and shot him. 

The shooters that killed Umesh Pal hid in Prayagraj for two hours after the attack before fleeing in two getaway SUVs, said had sources. They said the vehicles were sent to them beforehand as a part of a backup plan.  


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