Prayagraj Dalit Family Killing- Two more held, one allegedly had objectionable photos of the deceased’s daughter

The police after arresting a 19-year-old boy claiming he killed the family out of "jilt" have now arrested two stating one of them had relationship with the girl and had objectionable photos of her's in his phone

New Delhi, December 8

The UP police have held two more persons in the Falit family killing of Prayagraj. One of them allegedly had relationship with the deceased’s daughter for four yars and also allegedly had some of her ‘objectionable’ photos on his phone. 

Four members of a Dalit family were found murdered at their house on November 25. The post mortem of the 23-year-old daughter had ascertained that she was raped before she was killed.

The police zeroed in on the accused through the text messages and circumstantial evidence. These two accused also belong to the neighbouring village. 

After arresting 11 members of the ‘upper caste’ and later releasing them, the police had held a 19-year-old Dalit youth from a neighbouring village claiming he was harassing the girl through text messages and later killed her family after she turned down his advances.

A statement issued by Prayagraj police said, “Several messages were deleted by one of the accused who was arrested on Monday. The second accused arrested is a cousin of the first, and he was sending details of the police investigation to his cousin since the day the incident happened. It seems like they were monitoring the incident and the probe. Based on mobile chats, circumstantial evidence and statements from witnesses, they were arrested.”

The man in question was reportedly found regularly talking to the girl which was established in the call records. 

The police however are probing the involvement of these two accused further. 

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