Passenger hits co-pilot of Indigo airlines after delay in Delhi-Goa flight

Delhi Police have served notice to the passenger under Section 41 of the Code of Criminal Procedure

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New Delhi, January 15

A passenger on board a Delhi to Goa flight of Indigo Airlines allegedly assaulted the plane’s pilot after a delay of 13 hours due to foggy conditions. 

Anup Kumar, the pilot of the flight filed a complaint with police. The accused was identified Sahil Kataria. 

The police have served a notice to Kataria under Section 41 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). 

The video of the incident went viral on social media. In the purported video, the pilot of the plane is seen addressing fliers about the delay when the accused in a yellow hoodie suddenly rushes towards him and drives a punch to the pilot’s face. After being assaulted, the pilot is seen stepping back as one of the air hostesses tries to control the situation. 

The passenger is seen hurling abuses at the pilot and saying if he cannot land the flight on time, he should open the aircraft gates and let all the passengers go. The air hostess is then heard screaming at the passenger. 

Indigo issued a statement saying, "On January 14, 2024, during the announcement of a flight delay by the first officer of flight 6E2175, a passenger assaulted the first officer. As per protocol, the passenger was declared unruly and handed over to the local law enforcement agencies for further action". 

It further said, “The incident is being referred to the independent internal committee for appropriate action and inclusion of the passenger on the ‘no-fly list’ as laid down in regulatory guidelines".

The police assured that the accused would be arrested soon.The accused has been booked for assault aming other sections of IPC. 


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