NRI businessman fights for his mother to regain his usurped properties in Haryana and Noida from a historysheeter Sumer Jain

NRI speaks exclusively to BW Policeworld on his fight for justice and his run from pillar to post to collect box full of evidences against alleged fugitive Sumer Jain

NRI Mradul Jain
NRI Mradul Jain
Mradul Jain's parents
Mradul Jain's parents

Ujjawala Nayudu

New Delhi, April 15

An NRI businessman is fighting a battle against an alleged historysheeter, his own brother, who allegedly usurped two of his properties in Dharuhera of Haryana and Noida leading to a loss of more than Rs. 1.5 crores. 

Mradul Jain (46) a NRI businessman  has been fighting since last four months for his properties to help his recently widowed mother who has to now live in an ashram in Indore after being allegedly assaulted and harassed by his brother Sumer Jain, now on the run. 

The two properties which Mradul is fighting for are Golden Heights of Landmark Group in Dharuhera (Haryana) and Sector 73 of Sarafabad in Uttar Pradesh. 

Speaking exclusively to BW Policeworld, Mradul Jain said, “In January this year, I landed in India to go to Gwalior, my hometown, after the demise of my father in October 2020. The lockdown and restrictions in Europe couldn’t let me travel home for his last rites too. I saw that my parental house where I grew up was sold off and my mother had moved to an ashram in Indore”. 

Mradul said that his parental house in Gwalior where his mother Kamlesh Jain was living, was sold off by his allegedly fugitive brother Sumer Jain through forgery. He lodged a FIR against Sumer Jain in Vishwavidyala police station of Gwalior for cheating, forgery and fraud against Sumer. 

Sumer Jain had allegedly made his severely ill father Advocate Nemi Chand Jain, a known lawyer in Gwalior go to the registrar’s office on a wheelchair and made two fake power of attorneys. 

Mradul said, “When he was doing all that, my father had suffered two heart attacks and was on the death bed. He wasn’t practicing at the court. Yet, he can be seen wearing a lawyer’s coat in the documents. My brother introduced himself as myself (Mradul Jain) and through fake power of attorney transferred the house to his name before selling it off”. The victim didn't even have time to mourne his father's demise and had to run from Gwalior to Haryana to Noida to Delhi to fight for his properties. 

Mradul sensing that his brother who has a history of committing similar crimes could have caused damaged to his personal properties in Dharuhera and Noida, he rushed to Delhi in the same month. 

He said, “I went to Noida to check and saw a tenant staying there who claimed the house was given to him on rent by one Vijay Maurya of Mayur Vihar. I went to the Noida police where Vijay was called and he showed registry of the apartment and claimed that apartment was sold to him for Rs. 20.20 lakhs whereas the cheque was not even banked”. 

"I then went to check on my apartment at Dharuhera where again I found that Sumer made a fake transfer deed on basis of general power of attorney on my name. He forged my signature, stood in front of the camera as Mradul Jain at the registrar’s office and transferred the property on his name”. 

Mradul informed that Sumer Jain has now changed his name as Sumati Jain and has a new passport, Aadhar card and more such identity cards. The documents of his new name were found with the Noida administration. 

Sumer aka Sumati Jain is now hiding and planning to abscond from the country fears Mradul and his family. His sisters, both married, were also allegedly threatened by Sumer to not aide Mradul. 

Advocate Saif Qureshi said, "Sumer Jain has a criminal mentality. Based on the evidences, paper record and investigation and other criminal records, the word habitual offender is fit for Sumer Jain.  He made fake GPA, then fake POA (power of attorney) then filed civil suit on fake documents. This pertains to a series of serious fraud, grabbing his brother's properties illegally and thrashing his own old mother. Mradul had started a company "Energy Total" where Sumer termed himself as CEO and got another partner to run it. We found documents related to that too. He has a historysheet of frauds". 

Additional SP, Gwalior, Ritika Bansal said, "We have yet not arrested Sumer Jain but he will be soon arrested". 

Dharuhera SHO, Manoj Kadian said, "The property has become disputable. The frauds committed by Sumer Jain were done in Gwalior. Both filed complaints at Dharuhera police station. The battle is for the possession and as police we cannot decide the possession". 

However, Mradul Jain stated that Dharuhera Police are shrugging off the matter and not even registering a FIR from the complaints or investigating the case. 

Mradul stated that since Sumer knew that the former would go back overseas, he allegedly committed such crimes to usurp property thinking Mradul won’t get an opportunity to fight. 

Mradul is however fighting for his mother who he can rehome at his Dharuhera apartment to give her own home to live peacefully there, he said. 


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