Mumbai Police book two Russians for trespassing into the twin tower of the Imperial

The Russians trespassed and went to the 58th floor to record a stunt and post it on social media

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Twin Tower, the Imperial

New Delhi, December 27

The Mumbai Police arrested two Russian nationals late for allegedly trespassing into the high-profile twin tower complex of The Imperial.

The police identified the accused as Maksim Shcherbakow (25) and Roman Proshin (33). 

According to the police, the two Russians were stopped while entering. However, they pushed the security guard and went inside.

The two went to the 58th floor, but as the doors to the emergency exit were locked, they returned to the main gate. 

The security guards called the police that rushed to the spot.

The officers soon found that Shcherbakow and Proshin had planned to perform a stunt on the exterior part of the building and post on social media. 

The police booked the duo for trespassing.


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