Man from Bengaluru who claimed to be under influence of a chip in body attempted to breach security at NSA Ajit Doval's residence in Delhi

The Delhi Police Special Cell probed the incident and found that he is mentally unstable and claimes that mind and body are being controlled by someone using some technology that is mostly used by China and the US

NSA Ajit Doval

New Delhi, February 17

In a major incident of security breach, a man was arrested for breaching into National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval’s residence, a high security zone, at Janpath in New Delhi. 

The police identified the accused as Shaktidhar Reddy (43) from Bengaluru. Reddy caught trying to enter drive into his residence. 

The police added that after he was caught by the security officials he gave a bizarre explanation for his act that he was being controlled by a chip in his body. 

The Delhi Police Special Cell was roped into action. The special cell stated that the suspect after his arrest was questioned and he repeatedly exhibited behaviour consistent with mental instability. 

He told police that his mind and body are being controlled by someone using some technology that is mostly used by China and the US. 

During his interrogation, the suspect also disclosed that he had tried to meet several officials, including NSA Ajit Doval, and organisations to discuss his situation earlier as well, officials added. 

The officials found out that he came to Delhi on February 13 and checked into Ginger Hotel, Sector 63, Noida. The accused then rented a red Mahindra XUV 300 from a self-driven car rental website and rammed it on the main entrance gate of the residence of the NSA. 

The Special Cell submitted a report to the Ministry of Home Affairs after interrogating the accused and charging him with mental instability. 

This was not all, the accused claimed that he had also filed a complaint with the Police Commissioner of Bengaluru about an alleged chip in his body that controls him.

Ajit Doval has the highest grade 'Z-Plus' security by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). The security detail was reviewed by the Home Ministry after the incident.

The MHA has tightened security near Ajit Doval's residence after the incident.


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