Leaked chats of Raj Kundra and business partner show alleged deals on pornographic films

Raj Kundra's chats with relative and business partner Pardeep Bakshi show discussion on production and revenue of the alleged pornographic films

New Delhi, July 20

Following the arrest of businessman and husband of actress Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra, the leaked What's App chats have allegedly shown Kundra and business partners discussing production and revenue.

Raj Kundra was named as the 'key conspirator' in the case by the police for production and release of pornographic content through mobile apps.

The investigation has shown that Raj Kundra is a relative of Pradeep Bakshi who resides in the UK and operates a UK-based company, Kenrin Production House. Bhakshi, besides being the chairman of this company, is also Raj Kundra's business partner. 

The leaked WhatsApp chats between Kundra and Bakshi disclose how transactions were made and a large sum of money was minted by the creation of pornographic content. 

The alleged What's App group was called H Accounts where Kundra was found to be the admin of the group. The others members as seen in the print outs of the chats show as Megha Vian Accounts, Pardeep Bakshi, Rob Digital Marketing Hotshots and Roy Evan Content Head Hotshots.  

Kundra indirectly is also the owner and investor of Kenrin production house. His former PA (personal assistant) Umesh Kamat worked as a representative of the firm in India and the company gave contracts to agents for making porn films and reportedly also facilitates funding.

Model-actress Gehna Vashisht who was arrested in February and Umesh Kamat made porn films, produced by Kenrin Production House. 

The same company used to give them advance payments in order to make different types of porn films. These porn films were uploaded on the social media app Hotshot.

During the investigation, it also came to light that Kenrin production house is carrying out its pornography business and is funding pornography through different agents across the country.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale stated that Mumbai Police have enough evidence to show Kundra was running the alleged racket. 


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