Highest cybercrime cases reported in Telangana state while Sikkim recorded reported zero cases

The number of cybercrime cases 10,303 in Telangana has nearly doubled compared to last year, when the state had recorded only 5,024 cases

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New Delhi, September 3

The recent report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) showed that the highest number of cybercrimes in India in the year 2021 were reported from Telangana, with as many as 10,303 cases. 

The number of cybercrime cases in Telangana has nearly doubled compared to last year, when the state had recorded only 5,024 cases.

Telangana is followed by Uttar Pradesh (8,829) and Karnataka (8,136) in the number of cybercrimes reported. The NCRB data shows that except Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the other three southern states have seen a rise in the number of cybercrime cases compared to 2020.

As per the report, the highest rate of cybercrimes (27.3) was also seen in Telangana, followed by Assam (13.8) and Karnataka (12.1). Sikkim reported zero cybercrime cases in 2021 for the second year in a row. When it comes to metropolitan cities in south India, Bengaluru recorded 6,423 cyber-crime cases in 2021, followed by Hyderabad (3,303), Chennai (76) and Kochi (62).

Karnataka recorded the highest number across India (2,243) on cybercrimes against women. Among the other southern states, Telangana recorded 883 cyber-crimes against women, followed by Andhra Pradesh (471), Kerala (353) and Tamil Nadu (248). Nagaland and Tripura reported only one such case each, while Sikkim again reported zero cases. Cyber-crimes against women include cyber blackmailing/threatening, cyber pornography, hosting/publishing obscene sexual materials, cyber stalking/cyber bullying of women, defamation/morphing, and indecent representation of women among others.

Kerala and Karnataka reported nearly the same number of cybercrime cases against children – 163 and 164, respectively. Andhra Pradesh recorded only 65 cyber-crimes against children in 2021, followed by Tamil Nadu (19) and Telangana (17). These crimes include cyber blackmailing/threatening/ harassment, cyber pornography, hosting or publishing obscene sexual materials depicting children, cyber stalking/bullying, and internet crimes through online games.

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