Gurugram Police busts fraud call centre from. Udyog Vihar functioning as technologies company

The company was operating in the name of Xanthus Cratus India Technologies Private Limited

Photo Credit : Gurugram Police,

ACP Preetpal with other officers and accused arrested

New Delhi, March 4

The Gurugram Police have busted a fraud call centre operating from. udyog Vihar in Gurugram from last one year.

The police said that it was operating on name of Company  Xanthus Cratus India Technologies Private Limited

The cybervrime cell of Gurugram Police carried out a raid. The Police found that a team/group of people  were cheating people on name of investment in crypto currency. The team was attracting people by making false promise of giving high rate of interest on investment. 

The accused were cheating people through fake website designed on concept of CFD (Contract for difference), in which an account of investor/victims has been made and psuedo amount was shown which as given by victim in bank account of company. Initially small return was given to victims as bait which force people to invest more and after getting huge amount people were cheated by showing that they have lost and amount was brought to zero. No refund was provided to victims who do not want to invest further in process.  

11 people have been arrest by the team and  later three women were arrested. Crores of rupees have been cheated by company on the name of investment and trading in crypto currency, Police added. 

The police have seized six mobile phones, four laptops, five CPUs from accused.


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