Gurugram Police arrests two Nigerian men running a fraud of duping women on Instagram

The accused were held from Delhi who used to duped women by befriending them and later sought money in name of customs fees and more

Photo Credit : Gurugram Police,

Accused in custody of Gurugram Police

New Delhi, May 31

The Gurugram Police busted a scam where a woman was duped for over Rs. 1.8 crores by two men who posed as British Airways pilot and a customs official. 

The two accused were identified as Ebuka Felixi and Chukwaka Ewere, who are from Nigeria, in the case.

The victim filed a complaint with police on April 10 that the man had introduced himself as a British Airways pilot. After getting in touch with her on Instagram, the man spoke to her regularly. In December, he allegedly told her that he had sent her a parcel, containing an iPhone, jewellery, and other items.

As per the case details, on December 6, a man called her and told her that the parcel had arrived and she had to pay Rs 35,000 as taxes to receive it, police said. She also got a call from a man allegedly pretending to be a customs official, who gave her a bank account number to transfer the money. After paying the initial amount, the man, who was pretending to be the officer, asked her to pay penalties as well as fee for a concocted ‘united national anti-terrorist clearance’,

The police seized a chequebook, 16 bank passbooks, 25 ATM cards, seven mobile phones and SIM cards, a laptop, a scooter, and Rs 10,000 cash from them. 


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