Ghaziabad police that rushed hearing murder of five ended up getting pranked by a little girl

The girl, inspired by crime shows on television has a habit of playing pranks and wanted to check if police arrive on emergency numbers

New Delhi, July 24

The Ghaziabad police rushed to a "murder scene" following a call of a young girl who calling them saying five people have been murdered. The police however got pranked by the eight-year-old girl who loved watching crime shows.

The girl called police control room using her father's mobile phone. She told the cops: “Police uncle, 5 murder ho gaya hai. Gali number 5, sarkari school ke pass. Aap jaldi aa jao, main akeli hoon (police uncle, five murders have taken place near the government school in lane number 5. Please come fast, I am alone)".

The Ghaziabad police rushed to the spot but when they found nothing, they called on the caller's phone but it was found switched off. 

The police again dialled the number and the girl's father picked up the phone. When the police spoke to her parents, they found the little girl had pranked the cops. 

According to the police, her family revealed she had made pranks calls in the past as well. The little girl loved watching television crime shows. She has learnt that in case of trouble, she had to contact the ‘112’ helpline. 

The police added that inspired by the crime shows and learning about the emergency number 112, she  wanted to check if the police arrived in time.

The police have warned the girl's family to not let such prank calls repeat in future. 

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