Ghaziabad SI suspended after he refuses to pay food bill to a restaurant

The Ghaziabad police has also initiated a departmental inquiry against him

New Delhi, December 4

A Sub Inspector from UP Police allegedly refused to pay a restaurant bill citing "being policeman" as a reason for getting free food. The Ghaziabad police have suspended the Sub Inspector.

SI Vinod Kumar posted at Kaushambi police station of Ghaziabad refused to pay his food bill of Rs. 3886 which he ordered for a few guests at his home.

According to the police, he told the restaurant manager that he is a policeman and therefore, he won’t pay, or otherwise, he would order food from some other eatery.

In order to settle the issue, the restaurant manager even offered the police officer a discount and asked him to pay Rs 2,000 but Kumar was not ready to pay.

The audio recording of the whole conversation went viral on social media leaving many in the the police embarassed over his behaviour.

The Ghaziabad SSP Pawan Kumar ordered suspension of SI Kumar after he found out that the police officer in the clip is posted at Kaushambi police station under his supervision.

SSP Ghaziabad has also started a departmental inquiry against him.

The police stated that such a behaviour of any policeman trying to take undue advantage of the police post and uniform will not be tolerated.


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