Gangster Atiq Ahmed killed in a shocking shootout while being in police custody in Prayagraj

The encounter was recorded in cameras of several media persons, the assailants in guise of journalists shot at Atiq Ahmed, his brother at point blank range

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Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf seconds before the shootout

New Delhi, April 15

The dreaded gangster Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot dead on camera while they were being taken for a medical check-up in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj late on April 15. 

Three assailants came in guise of media persons, blended in the crowd and shot at Atiq and his brother. All three shooters have been arrested and identified as Sunny from Hamirpir, Lovelesh from Banda and Arun Maurya from Kasganj district of UP. Arun Maurya is a gangster who has a hiatorysheet of crime. 

The assailants took refuge in a hotel in Prayagraj and arrived 48 hours before the incident. The accused had sophisticated weapons that were used to carry out the shootout. 

It is to be noted that Atiq Ahmed's son Asad was also killed in an encounter in UP's Jhansi just two days ago.  

The visuals of the incident show Atiq Ahmed and his brother walking while talking to reporters when someone shoots the gangster on the head. The next moment his brother is also shot dead.

The three assailants came in guise of journalists, blended with the media persons and confronted the gangster. The shooter shot at Atiq Ahmed from behind. The commotion left one journalist and one police constable also injured. 

Atiq Ahmed was shot at while speaking to a media person on camera while chants of Jay Shir Ram echoed thereafter. The entire shootout was captured on camera being played live on national television channels. Two shooters were captured in the camera. 

This is probably the first shootout in last several decades where a gangster has been shot dead on live camera in an audacious attack while both the gangster and his brother were surrounded by police. Atiq and Ashraf have been killed in police custody. 

The incident has led to tension in the government and UP Police. CM Yogi Adityanath is holding a high level meeting with the UP He department and UP DGP accompanied by senior IPS officers. 

The UP Police will also submit a report ot the Ministry of Home Affairs that have raised a note on the incident. The UP government has formed a high level committee and will initiate an investigation into the incident. 

Two weeks ago, Atiq Ahmed had expressed fear that the he might be killed in an encounter. Atiq was being taken to UP from Sabarmati Central Jail in Gujarat for a hearing in Umesh Pal murder case when he had expressed that he will be killed in an encounter. 


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