Double murder of elderly couple- Delhi Police arrest daughter-in-law who planned murder to flee with her boyfriend

Radhey Shyam Verma (72),a retired Vice Principal of government school in Karol Bagh and his wife Veena (68) were killed by her aides, one of them her boyfriend, after Verma planned to sell the house and she feared she won't get any share due to her extra marital affair

Photo Credit : Delhi Police,

Radhe Shyam Verma and wife Veena

New Delhi, April 12

The Delhi Police have cracked the double murder case of senior citizen couple who were brutally murdered at their residence in Gokalpuri of North East Delhi. The investigation revealed that their daughter-in-law planned the murder with two aides who executed it. 

The victims- Radhey Shyam Verma (72),a retired Vice Principal of government school in KarolBagh and his wife Veena (68) we're killed by sliting their throats and over Rs. Four lakhs and jewellery were stolen from their wardrobe. 

The couple's daughter-in-law Monika (29) had allegedly sneaked in her friend and his aide into the house the previous evening when her husband and in-laws were away.

DCP (NorthEast) Joy Turkey said, "Monika had allegedly started planning the crime last December as soon as she learnt that Verma had plans to sell off their house, where she stayed on the ground floor with her husband Ravi (38) and a five-year-old son. The house was estimated to be worth Rs 2 crore, and Verma had, on February 12, sold off a portion for which he had taken Rs 5-6 lakh in cash from buyers". 

He added, "Monika came in contact with the accused in 2020 on social media. Last year, her husband found out about the affair, replaced her smartphone with a basic phone. The police said the in-laws also allegedly imposed restrictions on her. She was upset because of the restrictions and the fights. She wanted to kill them and settle down with the accused who lives in Ghaziabad and works as a bouncer at a pub". 

The planning started last year in December. When the in-laws planned to sell the house, it triggered her. She feared she would lose her chance to grab the property and called her friend. Monika and her friend met on February 27 to make the final plan for the murder, Police added. 

As per investigation, Monika’s friend and his aide allegedly entered the house through rear door and were taken to the terrace. They waited for the couple to go to sleep. At 2.20 am, they choked Veena and slit her neck. They also killed Verma. They took money and jewellery from cupboards and left. 

The police zeroed in on the suspect when they saw that the "robbers" didn't open all cupboards and moreover the locks of those opened were found open. There were no sign of force on it or damage. It was then police suspected it was an insider's job and started collecting evidence. 

The police scanned through phones of Monica and her husband and found Monica have multiple conversations with the accused. The details form her phone gave solid evidence to the police. 

The police arrested Monica while rhe aides- her friend and associate are on the run and believe to be hiding in Uttrakhand. 


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