Delhi Police organized wellness webinar to tackle post Covid complications

95% police persons have received the 1st dose of vaccine, while just over 90% have received both the jabs

New Delhi, May 26

With their ongoing series of wellness webinars for police, Delhi Police organized webinar for welfare of infected personnel on "Awareness, Prevention And Coping Strategies For Covid-19. 

The senior officers interacted with police personnel and their family members and also provided experts’ advice on prevention and cure. The webinar series is also aimed to bust myth around various confusions and provide simple home/medical remedies for effected & recovered patients.  

The webinar was participated by Dr. Pankaj Jorwal, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi and Dr. Shalini Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS, New Delhi, both senior faculty associated with the premier institute for a long time.

Nuzhat Hassan, Special CP started with wishing that each police personnel and their family members stay safe, healthy and happy and apprising that almost all the personnel of Delhi Police have been vaccinated and now a special drive is being launched to facilitate their family members for getting vaccinated. 

Devesh Chandra Srivastava, Spl. CP urged all to keep on following Covid Appropriate Behaviour and also educate others on simple steps to prevent the spread. He informed that two Covid Care Centres for police family at Rohini and Shahdara Districts have received positive feedback from those who have availed isolation facility there. He underlined that Delhi Police top brass is committed to keep their officials safe from this virus and more than 95% police persons have received the 1st dose of vaccine, while just over 90% have received both the jabs.

More than 4000 personnel got infected. However welfare wing of each district or unit has been in touch with families of deceased and all possible help is being provided. The Covid Cells are keeping tab on recovery, health & well being of infected personnel, under the supervision of senior officers, DCPs and SHOs. Covid Prevention Kits are being distributed among staff and welfare needs like leave matters & reimbursement of medical expenses is looked after headquarters level. Besides, legal action is continuing against illegal hoarders, Covidcheats and black marketeers.

The panelist doctor Dr. Pankaj Jorwal, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, AIIMS, a super specialist in infectious disease studies and very experienced faculty with one-year’s practice exclusively in Covid wards, explained the participants through an informative presentation on Post Covid-19 complications, their symptoms & the treatment. He informed that almost 85 % cases are of mild infection and they can be treated with simple medication at home. In 10% moderate cases, the patient requires hospitalization, while less than 5% severe cases require ICU treatment. 

However, after recovery several patients show signs of Long Covid Syndrome, wherein the infection leaves after affecting some internal or external organization.  Some common symptoms are fatigue, incessant coughing, continuing loss of smell/taste or gastro-intestinal issues like nausea, vomiting and loss or gain of appetite. However, there is no need to panic and patients should allow the body to recover on itself. Proper nutritious diet, ample hydration, light physical activity & proper sleep and rest are the best remedies for recovery. Family support & Yoga/meditation are also recommended for mental recovery, as the brain too had faced a traumatic condition. Teaching about Mucormycosis, it was informed that diabetic patients who had been on steroids during treatment are most vulnerable to such fungi. That too is treatable, but the patient has to regular monitor the sugar levels and observe the persisting symptoms. 

The second panellist doctor Dr. Shalini Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS, an expert in Psychiatry and specialist in treating addictive disorders emphasised on maintaining Work-Life Balance. As urbanisation has made most families go nuclear, people are feeling stressed due to amplified responsibility, more accountability and added works. Comparing themselves with people following perfect routines only adds to prevailing stress and the balance gets shifted, leading to total breakdown of body. 

She further stated that some very common solutions lie in lifestyle changes. Do not mix home & work and feel a sense of fulfilment in your profession. Ignore barriers like guilt feeling, one dimensional thinking and comparisons. Discuss matters among peer groups or family, have right knowledge of health literacy, eat healthy maintain hygiene and do physical and mental activities. It is also advised to take adequate sleep and practice meditation on daily basis. The best lesson this virus has taught us is that health comes first.  Only you can bring the desired change in your life. 

During the two way interaction the participants put forth certain queries and confusions which were duly addressed by both the experts. 

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