Delhi Police arrested a woman from South Delhi for assaulting, stripping and torturing her domestic help for robbery on instructions of an occultist

The family residing at Maidangarhi had lost gold jewellery and cash 10 months ago so they called an occultist to find out who committed the theft who baselessly assumed the victim to be a thief after the family tortured her to an extent that the help later attempted suicide

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New Delhi, August 16

The Delhi Police arrested a woman has been arrested for allegedly stripping and assaulting their domestic worker on suspicion of theft. The domestic help later attempted suicide after the incident. 

The accused was identified as Seema Khatoon (28) who had employed the victim as domestic help. The victim’s husband works at the same house as security guard. 

The police said the incident took place in Maidangarhi of South Delhi on August 9. 

The police said the family had called a ‘tantrik’ (occultist) to find out who among their employees had allegedly committed theft in the house. Based on his baseless assumptions, the accused and her family members, allegedly beat up the woman.

According to police, the family claimed they had lost gold jewellery and cash 10 months ago so they called an occultist to find out who committed the theft. 

This was not all, the family had also fed all domestic workers with rice and lime to find out who committed the theft. 

The domestic help told police that the said rice was fed saying that the mixture will turn red inside the thief’s mouth. They kept (the mixture) in my mouth and it turned red. The occultist then termed her as a thief after which she was severely thrashed. 

The family had also tied her up for hours and striped her until she “accepts” her crime. They left her after a few hours after returning her clothes. 

The woman attempted suicide at her residence by consuming rat poison. After the woman fell sick, she was taken to a hospital where an MLC was carried out and doctors found that she had injuries on her back and hands. 

Her family members were booked for assault and criminal intimidation too under various sections of the IPC.


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