Delhi Police IFSO unit arrests three in a scam duping US citizens while counterparts arrested in US, Canada

Jatin Lamba with his brother Gagan Lamba was running a company under the name and style of M/s PC Support and Care from B-138, Ganesh Nagar camouflaging as a tech support company and used to run call centers to victimize the US Citizens : IFSO

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IFSO Delhi

New Delhi, December 17
The Delhi Police IFSO unit alongwith Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and. Canadian Law Enforcement Agency busted a well oiled network where senior citizens of USA were being duped by calls centres in Delhi.

The US informed the Interpol that over 20000 senior citizens have been duped and the USA has witnessed revenue loss of more than 10 million USD between 2012 to 2020.

The IFSO arrestsed three persons namely Jatin Lamba, Harshad Madaan and Vikas Gupta while their counterpart Jayant Bhatia was arrested by Canadian Law Enforcement Agency from Toronto and Kulwinder Singh was arrested by FBI, USA from New Jersey on the same day.
The fraudsters, on the pretext of providing them tech support against malfunctioning of their computers.

The officials stated that the tech support scam involved the use of various fraudulent entities to provide a platform to threat actors in camouflaging their criminal activities as an ordinary business affairs and mobilizing the proceeds of crime through banking channels. 

In the instant scam of Tech Support, Pop-ups are sent to the large number of targeted senior citizens who are not tech-savvy to initially alert the victims to a Microsoft issue or some type of fraudulent activity that must be addressed immediately by calling a designated telephone number on the pop-up advertisement.

On contacting the designated number, victim is convinced to pay certain amount for fixing the so called technical glitch by taking over the control of the computer of victim through voluntarily shared code of any RDP (Remote Desktop Program) like AnyDesk, LogMeIn etc.

The officials added that it is fake technical issue in the computer of victim but they are convinced to pay certain sum of amount through cheque, money order or PayPal etc. 

In some instances, they re-victimise the same person to pay again and again. These types of threat vectors targeting US senior citizens were found to be originated from Canada or India.
Federal Bureau of Investigation shared complaint from two specific victims
of such fraud with some intelligence with Delhi police through Interpol. Acting upon the complaints and inputs, IFSO (Intelligence Fusion & Strategic Operations), a Cybercrime Coordination Unit of Special Cell registered a case under the provisions of cheating and conspiracy at Police Station Special Cell.

The IFSO stated that Jatin Lamba with his brother Gagan Lamba was running a company under the name and style of M/s PC Support and Care from B-138, Ganesh Nagar camouflaging as a tech support company and used to run call centers to victimize the US Citizens. 

Vikas Gupta has been involved in the scam as calling agent to provide the tech support to fix the technical glitch in the computer of victim whereas Harshad Madaan used to mobilize the cheated funds to the account of the M/s PC Support and Care on commission basis as he had arranged bank accounts in a fraudulently created companies WebMaster and Webleaders in United States to collect the amount from victim in US and then transfer the same through wire to the account of PC Support and
Care in Delhi.

During course of investigation, two laptops and three mobile phones were taken into possession from the accused persons.

The forensic scrutiny of Harshad Madaan’s laptop led to the recovery of the statement of commission received by him from M/s PC Support and Care for facilitating the transfer of cheated amount from the victims to the account of M/s PC Support and Care Pvt. Ltd., which was incorporated in August 2012 having its registered address at B-138, Ramesh Nagar, Delhi with two directors namely Jatin Lamba and Gagan Lamba. 

One company namely Techspine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is also found to be incorporated with ROC- Delhi & Haryana by Vikas Gupta with Aditya Gupta as its directors. 

During his interrogation, Vikas Gupta stated that this company was created to run a call center from Faridabad to cheat the US citizens, but it could not take off and he ended up as a calling agent on behalf of M/s PC Support and Care. Scrutiny of Bank Accounts of PC Support and Care has revealed huge transactions from abroad and total amount of credit entries to be INR 4.36 lakhs, officials added. 


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