Delhi Crime Branch held three for abducting a Maulana from Shaheen Bagh

The accused, all from Bihar, abducted Maulana and held him captive in a rented house at Abu Fazal Enclave

New Delhi, April 11
Delhi Crime Branch held three abductors who abducted a for ransom of Rs. 25 lakhs. The abductors abducted Maulana with the pretext of calling him for religious purpose and held him captive in a house at Abu Fazal Enclave at Shaheen Bagh.

The accused were identified as Sadaqat Manjoor Ahmed (23), Shamim Faqruddin (26), Nabi Hasan Ikhlaq (23), Firdos Shauib (22), Manjzar Alam Manjoor Ahmed (18), all from Arariya in Bihar.

Add CP, Shibesh Singh stated that the main accused is Sadaqat who hatched the plan to abduct Maulana for ransom. He demanded ransom of Rs. 25 lakhs from Maulana's brother. Sadaqat was depositing money with Maulana and when latter refused to pay his sum, he hatched the plan of abduction.

The crime branch stated on April 6,  Mohd. Mujamil Alam of Saheen Bagh reported that his brother namely Maulana Mohd Muntjir Alam was missing from April 5 from Saheen Bagh. The Shaheen Bagh police station had registered an initial complaint after which the case was taken over by the crime branch.

The crime stated that th complainant received ransom call, form the victim’s mobile phone through Whatsapp call, demanding Rs. 25 lakhs for the safe release of his brother.

The incident of abduction of a Maulana of Madrasa of Shaheen Bagh had created panic in the family of the victim and in the society. The crime branch took over the case to trace the victim.

During the course of investigation, the team tried to develop various information regarding gangs of similar modus operandi. Electronic surveillance was also mounted on the suspects. CCTV footages were  collected and analysed in which it was revealed that the victim was seen with one suspect Sadaqat, who was a student in his Madrasa in the year 2008 and was known to the victim and his family.

The officials said that the mobile number of Sadaqat was found switched off and also his family members phones were found off.  However, the last location of his wife’s mobile number was found at Harola, Sec. 5, Noida, UP. The contacts of Sadaqat were matched with the address of Harola, Sec 5, Noida.

During the investigation, a tip-off was received that Sadaqat was hiding in the house of his mother-in-law in Harol, Noida.  Immediately, the crime branch raided the spot and Sadaqat was apprehended. After Sadaqat revealed where he had held the Maulana captive, a raid was conducted in N Block, Abul Fazal, New Delhi, after breaking the door of the house and the victim Maulana Mohd. Muntjir Alam was rescued.

The crime branch added that during interrogation, Sadaqat has disclosed that he was a student of Maulana (Victim) in the year 2008. He was in touch with Maulana from that time. Sadaqat was running a food stall in Okhla Area. He was depositing his savings with the Maulana since last 5 years and till now he has given a sum of Rs. 20 Lakh to Maulana which he had earned in betting on cricket matches. He deposited the money with Maulana to purchase a shop for his food stall. When he asked Maulana to return his deposited money, he refused to return the money.

The police added, hence Sadaqat hatched a plan with his brother Manjar and his friends Firdos, Shamim, Nabi Hasan  to abduct Maulana and recover his money. As per plan he rented a new house in Saheen Bagh area with his associates and contacted Maulana to visit his new house to perform rituals (Jhaad Foonk). On April 5, when the Maulana came to his house he confined him with iron chains in the house and demanded Rs. 25 Lakh as ransom money.

The other accused, Shamim Faqruddin R/o moved to Delhi recently. He was previously  arrested Safdarjang Enclave police . He was released from jail in March 2021. After that he started working with Sadaqat and got involved in the kidnapping.
Amzad Iklaq came to Delhi for work and started off as a tailor in stitching factory and was living with Sadaqat. Firdos Shauib came to Delhi for work and started making bread in dhaba of Sadaqat and also lived in the same house with the other two. Manjzar Alam is real brother of Sadaqat. Sadaqat and he ran an eatery at Shaheen Bagh.

The accused were handed over to local police for further investigation.



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