Delhi Crime Branch busts a gang of warehouse burglars

The gang burgled warehouses in Khera Kalan and Swaroop Nagar, later shifting the goods to Kanjhawala and then Bihar

Delhi Police

New Delhi, December 13

The Delhi Crime Branch busted a gang of inter-state warehouse burglars who ran a well oiled network to rob warehouses in Delhi and store stolen items by hiring a warehouse nearby. 

The accused were identified as Vikash Ram, Anwar-ul-Haq, Rakesh Kumar Sah and Gul Alam.

Special Commissioner (Crime) Ravindra Singh Yadav, “In the incidents of burglary taken place in warehouses, the accused had used the same modus operandi. The police teams checked CCTV footage and activated informers over these burglaries”. 

The police received information that the accused Ram was allegedly keeping stolen articles in a godown in the Sanoth village in Delhi. The godown was raided, and all four accused were found at the spot along with allegedly stolen items. 

According to the police, Ram and his accomplices did a recee of the targeted warehouses on motorcycles, finding warehouses which were not properly secured or which appeared to not have been opened for a few days. They would then take a nearby warehouse on rent, either using fake ID cards or promising the owner that a rent agreement would be signed soon.

They would then smash the locks on the target warehouses, and place their own locks instead, said police. At night, they would call transporters using SIM cards issued on fake IDs and load the goods from the warehouses to move them to the ones they had rented. When this was done, they would allegedly move the goods away with another truck, added officials. 

Ram who is the kingpin of the gang was first arrested in 2015. He allegedly recruited Anwar for thefts in 2017, and both were arrested several times. The motorcycle used in the crime was bought this year after Ram came out of jail, they added. 

The police seized 2,000 packets of stolen PVC powder, worth about Rs 60 lakh, were recovered along with Rs 1110000 worth of cloth and several packets of cutting wheels. 

The gang burgled warehouses in Khera Kalan and Swaroop Nagar, later shifting the goods to Kanjhawala and then Bihar. 

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