Delhi Crime Branch arrests a mother and her son who killed her husband, chopped body, dumped pieces in East Delhi

The accused identified as Poonam (48) and her son Deepka (25) killed Anjan Das with a knife, chopped his body into pieces and dumped the same in 10 bags in Ganda Nala at Ashok Nagar

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CCTV grab showing the accused dumping body parts in Ashok Nagar

New Delhi, November 29

Days after Shraddha Walkar murder shook the nation, a gruesome murder from East Delhi has come to the fore where a mother and son duo chopped body of her husband in pieces and refrigerated it for five months. 

The accused identified as Poonam (48) and her son Deepka (25) killed Anjan Das, a lift operator with a knife.

They chopped his body, and carefully packed the pieces in 10 bags and later discarded all the bags in East Delhi.

According to the police, the body parts were allegedly kept in their fridge before being dumped in Pandav Nagar and Trilokpuri areas. 

DCP (Crime), Amit Goel said, “The accused sedated him and slit his neck when he fell down. They packed the 10 body parts in polybags and discarded them in June. So far, we have recovered six pieces, including head, thighs and an arm.” 

The police stated that the murder took taken place on May 30. 

During interrogation, Poonam told police that she was “fed up” with Das. 

Poonam told police that Das was allegedly “harassing” her daughter and Deepak’s wife. She said Deepak was also agitated, and they planned to kill Das. 

The police had found a severed head and body parts, but the body couldn’t be identified because of injuries and decomposition. 

DCP Goel said, “On June 5, some body parts were recovered from Ramlila Maidan in the East district. Over the next three days, two legs, two thighs, a skull and a forearm were recovered. Efforts were made to identify the body… Our team checked CCTVs… Several teams worked but nothing was found in the first few months… later doctor analysed… and told us that it was a man’s body.”

The police checked CCTVs and it was found that two persons were seen disposing of bags at Ramlila grounds on May 31 and June 1. Records of missing persons were checked in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, and police found that Das was missing but no complaint was filed. 

DCP Goel added, “There was no missing complaint filed by the family. This created suspicion… and Poonam and Deepak were picked up. They gave conflicting versions to investigators. Later, they confessed to his murder. We found footage of them walking towards different areas. To remove the stench and blood traces, the duo allegedly used room fresheners, phenyl and even whitewashed their house in July”. 

Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav said, “The accused revealed that she got married when was 13-14 years old. Her first husband left her and went to Delhi. She came here looking for him, but then moved in with a man named Kallu. The couple has three children, including Deepak. Kallu later died of liver failure. She then got married to Das in 2017. However, Das had not told her that he was previously married and has eight kids from first marriage. Deepak, meanwhile, complained that Das had ill intentions towards his wife, while Poonam claims he was harassing her daughter, who recently got divorced.”

The accused had dumped the bags containing his body parts at Ramlila Ground and
near Ganda Nala in New Ashok Nagar. 

The accused have been booked for murder among other charges under the IPC. 


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