Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar writes to DG Prisons offering to make Rs. five crores of contribution to prison welfare

Sukesh has written to DG Prisons, Sanjay Beniwal through his lawyer stating that on his upcoming birthday on March 25, he wants to contribute Rs. five crores for welfare of undertrials

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Sukesh Chandrashekhar

New Delhi, March 22

Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekar has written a letter to the DG Prisons offering to make a Rs 5 crore contribution for the welfare of undertrials on the occasion of his upcoming birthday on March 25.

The alleged conman Sukesh who is serving his jail term in the case of extorting over Rs 200 crore from the wives of former Fortis promoters, wrote a letter through his lawyer.

The letter has been written to DG Prisons on March 22 seeking permission to donate Rs 5,11,00,000 towards the welfare of jail inmates who are “not able to pay for their bail bonds, even after securing their bail or inmates who are lodged in jail for many years as undertrials and their families, mainly children, not having means to pay for their education and running of their house as the breadwinner is lodged in jail”.

Chandrashekar claimed he helped over 400 inmates in securing their bail bonds since his incarceration in 2017. 

“The judiciary is taking many efforts undoubtedly on this regards but helping the undertrials families who are extremely below the poverty line is not an initiative that is been looked onto due to which I have seen over these years, many families shattered even commit suicide due to their loved one breadwinners incarcerated for multiple years, hence I just want to take this small initiative and contribute this small bit from my personal earning funds,” Chandrashekar wrote.

"His heart pains to see on daily basis how inmates who have no capacity to pay for their bail bonds and even cant pay or send money to their families. He was doing this as it was the least he could do for his “brother inmates lodged in different jails of Delhi”. the letter further stated.

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