Business rivalry among clubs in Gurugram leads to a scuffle, three injured outside a club

The complainant who is a partner in Zorro Club and his friend were allegedly attacked by bouncers outside Big Shot club at MG Road in Gurugram allegedly over a business rivalry

Gurugram Police

New Delhi, March 7

A scuffle broke out between business rivals with the bouncers at a club in Gurugram leaving three men injured. 

The police stated that the incident took place around 5.30 am at Big Shot Club on MG road. The injured have been identified as Pankaj Sachdeva, a partner at Zorro club, his friend Ashwini Sharma and Naveen.

The police stated that one of the injured suffered a fracture in spine, while the other two had injuries on the arms and body.

Pankaj Sachdeva later filed a complaint with the police stating that he had gone to the club to party with his friend. He claimed that the accused attacked them without any reason. when he called his personal security officer Naveen, he was also attacked with sharp weapons. 

Sachdeva also runs a club and told police that there were around 40 to 50 attackers, some of whom he identified as those who have visited his club before. 

In another complaint lodged with police, Sachdeva alleged that one of the accused, a customer at their club, went to the club on MG road as part of a conspiracy.

The Big Shot club managers claimed that the partners of a club had come here for dinner. On at least 3-4 occasions recently, they have been visiting and approaching the club staff with the intention of poaching them. 

The manager also claimed that after sitting there for an hour the complainant approached a female staffer and offered her a job. When she informed the managers, they had asked them to clear the bill and leave. However, later the scuffle broke out.

The police have registered an FIR in the case and have begun an investigation while cross verifying the claims. 

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