Bihar Police arrest three, including retd SI with PFI links, planning terror attack ahead of PM visit

Athar Parvez, allegedly a former member of SIMI (now banned), Mohammed Jalaluddin, a retired SI of Jharkhand Police and Arman Malik were arrested from Patna

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Arrested accused

New Delhi, July 15

The Bihar Police have arrested three men, including a  retired Sub Inspector, with alleged links to Popular Front of India (PFI)  for being part of a terror module that sought to target those making objectionable comments against Islam.

The accused were identified as Athar Parvez, allegedly a former member of the now banned Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), Mohammed Jalaluddin, a retired sub-inspector of the Jharkhand Police, and Arman Malik were arrested from Phulwari Sharif area of Patna.

The police stated that Jalaluddin was a retired Jharkhand Police sub-inspector. The trio were looking to expand PFI’s base in Patna.

The police had received an Intel that a group of men were going to gather to conspired trouble and or commotion ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit.

According to the police, some men were given training for a week with possible intention to foment trouble during the PM’s Patna visit. Some of these had been living in the area and had been conducting regular meetings.

The police added that Jalaluddin had rented a part of his house to Parvez for conducting PFI training.

The police seized two pamphlets written in English — “India 2047: Towards rule of Islamic India (internal document, not for circulation)” and “Popular Front of India, 20 February, 2021” – were recovered from the premises.

The FIR mentioned, “PFI is confident that even if 10 per cent of Muslim population would rally behind it, PFI would subjugate the coward majority communities to their knees and bring back the glory of Islam in India… In the scenario of full-fledged showdown with the state, apart from relying on our PE cadres, we would seek help from friendly Islamic countries…”.

According to the FIR,  “by linking old members of SIMI with PFI, they are trying to raise a new organisation that would target those who commit atrocities on Muslims and speak against Islam. After the recent abusive comments by Nupur Sharma there has been revengeful action from our side with Maharashtra’s Amravati and Rajasthan’s Udaipur incidents”.

Patna SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon told media, “They had been holding meetings at mosques and madrasas and working towards what is called radicalisation. Just as RSS shakhas are held for physical training and imparting training in wielding lathis, they had been giving physical training to their people. Besides Bihar, some of the named members are from Karnataka also".

SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon  drew a controversy with his statement. Objecting to his remarks, the BJP has sought disciplinary action against the SSP.
The police filed FIR against 26 people, allegedly part of a “potential terror module”, under IPC Sections 120B (criminal conspiracy), 121 and 121A (waging war against state), 153A (promoting enmity between different groups), 153B (imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration).


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