Army Havildar's mysteriously missing wife traced in Varanasi with another Army personnel by Bihar Police

Priyanka Singh, wife of Indu Bhushan Singh was "missing" since December 15 but found to have eloped with her another Army personnel from Jaisalmer and staged her missing. The search for Priyanka from 60 days ended with IB Singh in a military hospital after having a fall while aiding the police seach party

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Priyanka with IB Singh and kids

New Delhi, February 10

The wife of Army Havildar IB Singh who was missing since over two months was traced in Varanasi by the Bihar Police team. It has turned out that the woman staged her mysterious missing to be with her partner, an Army Sepoy who was also posted in Jaislamer untill recently. 

Priyanka, wife of Indu Bhushan Singh had gone missing after she had boarded Poorva Express from Mughalsarai junction to go to Dhanbad on December 15. IB Singh had dropped her at Barmer junction from Jaisalmer, with their two children. to board Duranto Express for Mughalsarari from where she boarded Poorva Express for Dhanbad. 

However, Priyanka never reached Dhandbad at her parents’s home but went "missing". She was last seen at the CCTV footage on Bhagwa Road station near Mughalsarai making an exit from the platform. 

IB Singh has been running pillar to post since December 15 searching for his wife pleading the police to register an FIR. 

BW PoliceWorld reported about IB Singh’s case on February 1 after which the Bihar Police finally registered an FIR on February 2. The police launched the search operation on February 5 and found her in Varanasi. 

However, her finding brought no happiness or relief to IB Singh as she was found with another Army personnel with whom she had allegedly fled. 

IB Singh told BW PoliceWorld, “The Bihar Police formed a team under the SP Bhabhua district and I joined the search party. The police launched the search operation in UP and they had location indicating she was last found at Chandauli. She was traced to Varanasi and we spotted her with another man”. 

He added, “She was having an affair with this man who has been identified as Adarsh Kumar who is an Army Sepoy who was also serving in Jaisalmer, his first posting. He was recently posted out to Chandigarh and took leave before joining there. He and Priyanka pre decided the whole act and he helped her in running away”. 

Adarsh Kumar, an Army Sepoy is 21-years-old who was allegedly having a relationship with IB Singh’s wife Priyanka (30). The police took the duo to the police station where Adarsh was let off. 

IB Singh said, “First the Bihar Police refused to register FIR for two months. They registered the FIR on February 2 after the pressure increased on them. I used to go to Mohania police station almost every week from Aara district requesting them to find her. We could have at least found the duo earlier and not run around searching. After finding her they claimed she went away on her own so no charges can be pressed but they didn’t even press conspiracy charges on the Army Sepoy”.

After Priyanka went “missing”, IB Singh had taken to Twitter appealing citizens to find her. The Army authorities had even written to Bihar Police seeking intervention and aide for IB Singh. 

Talking about the ordeal IB Singh said, “I haven’t slept for last 200 hours searching for her in all the spots I thought she could be there. The whole family and my two kids have been disturbed as to what happened with her. When the police found location at Chandauli, I had suspicion but I feared the worst. My bosses from Army wrote to police to help me. She harassed so many people from my family to Army. If she wanted to go away she should have followed a legal procedure and not criminal conspiracy to plan and run away”. 

The incident of her “missing” have left the couple’s kids traumatized who are 11 and 8 years of age. The kids are now living with IB Singh’s parents at Aara district in Bihar. 

IB Singh was recently posted out to Mathura from Jaisalmer however after his wife went missing, he went on a leave. 

Two days ago, when he joined the search party of Bihar Police at Varanasi, he reportedly fell down and suffered a fracture. He is now recuperating at Danapur Military Hospital. 

After Priyanka was found, she was questioned by the police. She allegedly refused to go to IB Singh’s family and expressed to be with the Army Sepoy. When the police counselled her, she decided to go to her parents’ house in Dhanbad where the police team dropped her. 

When asked what prompted her to plan her “missing” act, IB Singh said, “She completely refused to talk to me. She told police she was upset that I was telling her to spend less as I had recently taken a bank loan. The loan was just an excuse, she was having an affair with the boy and wanted to be with him. She could have called off the marriage legally and not harassed her whole family, kids and even my superiors in Army”.

He added, “Both of them decided to meet at Mughalsarai where she reached with the kids then as planned asked me to get the kdis picked up by my brother so that she could elope with him. The Army Sepoy conspired with her to elope and the police have let him off. They are claiming it is a missing persons’ report however if she went missing, I would file a missing complaint. I couldn’t file a complaint of kidnapping or any other crime until I know what happened. The police did not follow a legal procedure”. 

The Bihar Police confirmed she was found at Varanasi and stated that they followed the standard procedure to find her and hand her over to her family. 


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