Army Havildar is running pillar to post to find his missing wife as Bihar Police didn't register FIR of over over one month of her mysterious missing

Army personnel B Singh's wife Priyanka Singh had boarded Purva Express from Mughasarai to reach Dhanbad. IB Singh speaks to BW PoliceWorld on the mysterious missing of his wife, Bihar Police refusing to register FIR, while her CCTV and her location show contrasting information

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IB Singh's wife Priyanka who is missing
IB Singh's wife Priyanka who is missing
IB Singh with his family
IB Singh with his family

New Delhi, February 1

An Indian Army Havildar who served almost two decades in the armed forces has been running pillar to post to find his missing wife. The Army personnel’s wife has been missing since over a month yet the Bihar Police has not even registered an FIR in this case let alone make efforts to find her. 

The Havildar Indu Bhusan Singh (40) has been recently posted at Mathura Cantonment after serving in Jaisalmer just last month. His wife Priyanka Singh (33) has been missing since December 15 when she boarded Poorva Express from Mugalsari to reach Dhanbad, her parental home. 

Both natives of Bihar, Indu Bhushan and Priyanka got married in 2008 and have two boys who are 11 and eight years of age respectively. 

Speaking about his ordeal and the mysterious missing of Priyanka, IB Singh told BW Police World, “I left from Jaisalmer with my wife Priyanka and kids dropped them at Barmer. From Barmer junction, I got them boarded in Duranto Express to reach Mughalsarai where my brother was going to pick up my kids and she was going to head off to Dhanbad to stay with her parents for few days. However, instead of reaching Dhanbad same day, she went missing”. 

His posting at Mathura from Jaisalmer had just been informed to him when Priyanka expressed her wish to stay in Dhanbad for few days and asked IB Singh to pick her up later to go to Aara district in Bihar till Singh finishes his leave before joining at Mathura. 

IB Singh said, “She expressed her wish to go to Dhanbad so I agreed. When I managed the tickets and boarded them off, she asked me to call my brother to pick the kids up from Mughalsarai. I found it surprising but I told her she can also call him. We both spoke to my brother who picked up the kids from Mughalsarari and got her boarded in Purva Express. I was going to go to stay in Aara for few days before joining Mathura so she said she would stay with her parents and join me at Aara before we move to Mathura”. 

After boarding Purva Express, Priyanka never reached Dhanbad. The family started searching for her and IB Singh rushed to Mughalsarai. She was seen boarding the train while her brother picking up the kids and leaving the platform. 

However, a CCTV footage at the next stop, Bhagwa Road station, where the limits of Bihar state begin, Priyanka was seen boarding off Purva Express and leaving the platform. This CCTV footage gas left both police and the family in a tizzy because she is nowhere to be found after getting captured in that footage. 

IB Singh said, “The footage was found out after my several requests to the police. When I went to RPF they asked me to go to local police and local police pushed me back to RPF. This went on for three days without any progress in trying to find out where she is. After several requests, RPF showed the CCTV footage and then the local police at Mohania police station was approached who refused to register an FIR”. 

IB Singh has given three applications to Mohani police station in Bihar with no FIR even registered to date. 

Talking about it, IB Singh said, “After the juridisdiction confusion was over, I wrote three applications to register an FIR in this and search for her. However, no FIR was registered. The police told me that they are tracking her phone and they will find her. After days of taking rounds at Mohania police station, I came to Aara where my parents stay. I am still waiting for police to at least tell me what has happened”. 

The Havildar stated that there were no clear issues between he and wife or marital or family problems which could have led her to walk away or take any other step. Priyanka’s parents in Dhanbad and her extended family has been also searching for her with no progress either. 

IB Singh joined the Indian Army in 2000 and has served in Amritsar, Baramulla, Pune, Bhatinda, Nagaland, Chandigarh, Jaisalmer and now transferred to Mathura Cantt. 

As per IB Singh, the Army has also written to Bihar Police SP of Kaimur Bhabhua district regarding this matter. Yet, the police have allegedly not taken any step. 

SP Bhabhua Rakesh Kumar said, “I cannot share information about her phone and location but we are searching for her. We will finished the investigation and submit in the court as to what has happened. She is still missing. We have called IB Singh for questioning” confirming that FIR has yet not been registered. 

Mohania Police Inspector Lallan Kumar said, “As per our information there is no end point to her location where we can say she was last seen here. We are tracking her phone and her location was found at Chandauli district. Her CDR (call data records) have also been sought”. Kumar refused to talk about the purported CCTV footage. 

IB Singh however added that the CCTV footage shared by the RPF has been submitted to the Mohania police with little to no use as the police have been allegedly refusing to investigate the case. Singh has the copy of the applications he submitted to the police alongwith the copy of the CCTV footage. 

After receiving no aide at all, Singh turned to social media appealing masses to help him find his wife. He expressed that he is waiting to see his wife back in a safe condition and his sons are helpless without their mother. 


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