AIIMS Director addresses police personnel in a wellness webinar

AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria: The vaccines have to be distributed strategically and equitably across the world to control the virus.

New Delhi, June 

In a series of webinars being held for police health and welfare during the pandemic, Delhi Police organized a webinar with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). 

The concept of webinars on police health and wellness is initiated by Delhi CP SN Shrivastava for welfare of infected personnel on "Post Covid Care and Role of Vaccination to fight the Pandemic".

The senior officers interacted with Police personnel and their family members and also provided experts’ advice on prevention, care and cure. The webinar series is also aimed to bust myths around various confusions and provide simple home remedies for effected & recovered patients.  

The webinar was addressed by internationally applauded Pulmonologist Padma Shri Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), who has been at the forefront in devising national policies on prevention & treatment of this deadly disease. 

Special Commissioner, Devesh Chandra Srivastava shared the Delhi Police’s statistics in fighting the virus while remaining at the forefront. He further shared that more than 90 % of police personnel have taken both the vaccine doses.

It is to be noted that Dr. Randeep Guleria, Padma Shree, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), a well acclaimed super specialist medical expert decorated with numerous prestigious awards worldwide and Consultant on many government international panels including World Health Organization (WHO) educated the audience through an informative presentation on Post Covid Care and Importance of Vaccines in controlling the pandemic globally.

Dr. Guleria informed that there are many strains of Corona virus, but most of them spread like common flu and only a few are strong enough to cause pandemic. He said vaccination is the most effective way to arrest the spread and vaccinating around 3/4th population of the world will serve the purpose. Vaccination is also important as we have learnt from past experiences as how diseases like smallpox and polio got eradicated because of them. 

However, the vaccine has to be distributed strategically and equitably across the world to control the virus. Stating the veracity of the second wave in India, he said that second wave proved more fatal than the first one as people lowered the guard after our initial success against Covid-19 spread. Within a few months India is going to be the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world and four major vaccines will be produced here, although we have already vaccinated almost 12% of our populace. 

Discussing about different variants of the virus, he informed that almost all the available vaccines protect against each variant and that studies have shown that those who had received both the doses got cured with mild infection. He explained how around 80 % of the infected persons (mild cases) recover at home with minimal effects, around 15% moderate cases need hospitalization and around 5% severe cases need ICU care with mortality rate of 1-2%. Some recovered cases (severe ones) face health issues like fatigue, anxiety/depression, insomnia and breathing related ailments. 

He reassured that such matters can be resolved through some simple physical & mental exercises at home, but the patients needs constant self monitoring and medical intervention is required. One should also follow a simple daily routine with pranayam/meditation and simple stretching/bending exercise in the morning, nutritious light dieting throughout day and taking adequate rest & sleep.  

During the two-way interaction where the participants put forth some interesting queries & confusions related to vaccination and post covid care, which were duly responded by Dr. Guleria.

Dr. Guleria added that vaccines give us immunity for around 8 to 12 months, and after that a booster dose is required. Gaps between the two doses is decided by results observed and may vary from time to time as per new studies. No vaccine can guarantee 100% efficacy as it varies as per individual’s immunity system, yet vaccination is the safest bet and new guidelines are expected to arrive from time to time. It is also advisable that chronic patients including those suffering from disease like Cancer should also get the jab, and also lactating mothers. However, we must keep on following the simplest rules like wearing of mask, regular hand sanitization and by completely avoiding gatherings. 

Nuzhat Hasan, Special CP Women Safety, SPUWAC & SPUNER, Special CP EOW, Devesh Chandra Shrivastava and & DCP IT Mahesh Batra had organized the webinar. 


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